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The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus

Michael Licona; Gary Habermas

Mike Licona och Gary Habermas ger historiska underlag varför berättelsen om Jesus död och återuppståndelse är sann.

Utgivning: Kregel Publications 2004

ISBN: 978-0825427886

Språk: English

Ämne: Jesu död och uppståndelse,Jesus

This is an accessible, comprehensive, and persuasive resource providing detailed evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. It also demonstrates how to share the material clearly, honestly, and definitively. Included is an interactive CD which tests the reader’s knowledge of the material by using an entertaining TV game show format.

”[The authors] have distinguished themselves as leading experts on the evidence for this all important event.”
—D. James Kennedy

  • Written by the leading evangelical apologist on the resurrection and an up-and-comer
  • Includes an interactive CD to cement the information from the book
  • Written for lay people but includes extensive footnotes that scholars will find valuable
  • Includes charts, diagrams, and a detailed outline for quick reference

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